SurfEdge and 15NTAP are now together for something Big.

In the month of March SurfEdge and 15NTAP partnered up together to solve certain burning issues in the tuition market. Both companies are highly motivated to work on these issues and set standards and lead this market.

SurfEdge which was established in 2014 is one of the booming Tech startups in Sri Lanka which has a vision of “Making Lives Smarter”. Education is one such market that SurfEdge wants to make smarter and the GuruPaara is the product which is playing a major role in this cause.

Within the last 12 months GuruPaara has been able to influence many lives in taking better decisions for finding tuition classes. Within the last few months GuruPaara had over 15,000 students using the service from Western province itself.

If we look at the teachers who are available on GuruPaara, we always help them reach out the best student audience’s possible and get connected to instantly and keep in touch. To keep them all connected.

The Market we are in

The Education industry in Sri Lanka is highly competitive and many players are there and if we want to be the leader who sets standards to this market we have to always be the number 1 among the all the players and whenever possible we try to give all our students and the teacher the best possible service.

One such attempt is partnering up with 15NTAP, a company driven with a vision to make an IT-Environment in all kinds of business places whether they are rural areas or urban areas in order to help customers all around Sri Lanka to join the cause of being one of the fast developing countries around the globe

About 15NTAP

15NTAP was established in 2014 and since then they have been working on various client applications and on a few of their own innovations. One of the key projects that they have been working is the “Tuition Master” product. A product that which provides a bar code card for the student and fully automate the attendance and the tute management process for the teacher.

What we are upto

Mainly this enables the teacher to monitor the number of students who came to the class, number of tutes given and manage them, attendance records, payment handling, paper class exam result management and most importantly monitor whether there is any theft happening in the process of student recruitment. In another article we would share a detailed description about the types of thefts that occur in this audience and the solutions that we give together as partners which help the teachers massively to grow their classes.

Currently we have introduced the system to a couple of classes which are up and running and we are in the process of negotiation to introduce this to a few more major classes in Colombo. Together the both entities have some bigger plans to uplift this audience and we both consider that this is the 1st step of a journey of thousand miles.

Keep in touch with us for more updates and have a fantastic day.

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