SurfEdge and Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) are now partnered

In the month of March SurfEdge and Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) partnered up together to provide access to quality Educational information starting from G.C.E Advanced Level and Higher Education.

SurfEdge which was established in 2014 is one of the booming Tech startups in Sri Lanka which has a vision of “Making Lives Smarter”. Education is one such market that SurfEdge wants to make smarter and the GuruPaara is the product which is playing a major role in this cause.

Within the last 12 months GuruPaara has been able to influence many lives in taking better decisions for finding tuition classes. Within the last few months GuruPaara had over 15,000 students using the service from Western province itself.

As the 1st initiative together Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) founded by Akshika Wijesundara and SurfEdge featuring GuruPaara would be releasing a series of helpful videos for the students.

Since the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination for the year 2017 is almost 3 months away, GuruPaara and Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) would be releasing a series of exam tips for both below and ‘on and above’ average students to excel their final grades of the examination. Simply  mentioning a student who is about to fail the exam could atleast try to get a S or a C pass while a student who is at the B grade level could reach for an A pass or an island rank with the help of the tips we share.

One of the key features of this series is that all the videos will be done with the island rankers of G.C.E Advanced Level to help cater the situation. Previously we GuruPaara had a several videos done with island rankers which was a massive success led to this decision to have island rankers in the videos and we also found that even parents are engaging with these content.

The series of video are now under production and we are expecting to release the 1st series in the beginning of May.

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