A/L Exam Tips by Bhanuka for G.C.E A/L Examination

Bhanuka GuruPaara

Success is the sum of small efforts, Question by Question.
Experiences of the island 2nd – 2014 A/L in Mathematics Stream

You have a unique way of writing the paper which your brain has mastered for years and probably this is not the time to change your practices for outsiders’ opinions like fellow students or teachers. Trust the method you have.

Most important thing in this close time is to balance the three main subjects to the best you can.

Remember, your final z score is an average value of all three of the separate z scores for the subjects. You may have some problems in some subjects and you may give a little extra time for that but not much.

Last days are good to try out the questions with a marking scheme not the questions you don’t know the answer. You may fail in front of the questions but this is not the time to regret for your past actions. Make sure that you don’t do the same mistake you just did for the final exam itself. Put a little time to resolve the question.

Don’t be over satisfied about the exam.
(You still have a z score of zero where you have to increase the score by getting marks one by one.)

On the other hand don’t be disappointed about the exam just yet
(Do not under estimate your knowledge which you gathered for nearly three years. It will come to your aid if you do not get panic in the exam time.)

Keep trusting yourself to the limit.

Time is non- refundable. Use it with Intention.

Managing Time in the exam is the key to come out of the exam hall with a smiling face.

When you plan your timings, don’t give 30 minutes each for four essays in a two hour exam paper. Give one essay question only 25 minutes and leave the rest of the questions for later. You will end up having 20 minutes of free time at the end. Let’s say its 15 minutes.

Now you know which questions you have the ability to finish the best way. Manage the 15minutes and go for the maximum you can.

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.

Exam won’t be a good friend of yours. The first question you try can be a disappointing one. You may not score a lot in that. But if you give up on the exam for the sake of one lost question, you may have to pay the prize from a whole year of your life time. There are questions you can do in the paper. Chose them wisely and at the end you may finish that lost question also. It is possible.

Wishing you all the very best.
Bhanuka Malith Silva

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