English Medium Physics | 2018 A/L Revision and Special program

Sanjeewa Dharmawardhena

The next biggest challenge coming up is the 2018 G.C.E A/L (Advanced Level) examination. The students who are currently studying for the 2018 G.C.E A/L (Advanced Level) examination I have prepared a special Revision class, a Paper class and a special program named UPS (Ultimate Physics Solution) to face the exam successfully.

When it comes to the success of the examination, hard work is not enough. Hard work should be combined with a proper strategy, continuous improvement and a great amount of precision towards modelling questions. Going a little down in this article segment you will see my plan on how I will structure my special Revision class, the Paper class and the special program named UPS (Ultimate Physics Solution) to face the 2018 G.C.E A/L (Advanced Level) examination successfully.

Starter Pack | 2018 Revision/Paper Class A/L

Starting 5th August from 7am – 1pm at ISM Nugegoda.

Step – 1 (Self – study plan)
Lesson wise revision programme for forty weeks to cover the entire syllabus. Plans will be given, guided and monitored.

Step – 2 (Model Paper plan)
Model papers will be given weekly from classified lessons.

  • The entire syllabus will be covered and tested by 35 model papers with “classified topics”. Each paper will consists 50 MCQs.   Classified topics are given in the later part of the planer.
  • 25 Full Essay Papers (E&S) with 4 structured and 8 essays in each paper with the exact composition of the Advanced Level Examination.    

The structure of the model papers that I will be using

Course Structure

What is TIP ? Timing Improvement Programme

TIP is one of the most modern exam timing improvement programme in the world.

Step – 1
Students are provided with a printed paper while the same paper running on the white board in terms of a multimedia presentation. This presentation consists a timer which is different from question to question. The timer giving the alerts to the students, to keep their speed in line with the timer.

Step – 2
At the end of each lesson, for most important units such as Mechanics, Light, and Current etc., a test paper will be given with no printed paper. All questions in this paper will be from the papers done in the class. Students supposed to practice the questions and come to the class and answer the paper to the preset timing plan.

Step – 3
Another final paper will be given to the students in the same format with no printed paper but with absolutely new questions than the questions given in the classified paper session. End of the multimedia examination, printed paper will be provided with the marking scheme.

Step – 4 (Error Identification Plan)
Online Error Identification Program is one of the most modern ways of identifying all of your mistakes done during model paper sessions. You supposed to enter the type of errors/mistakes you’ve done during the paper writing session as instructed below.

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