How to Apply for Re-Correction 2017 A/L - Step by Step Guide

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Results of G.C.E Advanced Level Examination 2017 has already been released and the due date to apply for Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) is set to 15.01.2018.

When applying for Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) you should keep in mind that the relevant answer script will be fully examined by several members of the Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) board and you will have to accept any increase or decrease of Z-Score or Grade as a result.

Here is a Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for Re-Corrections 2017 A/L :

Collect/Download the Application Form

Filling the Application Form

  • Deadline for Re-Correction applications would be 15.01.2018 (15th of January 2018), therefore start filling it as soon as possible.
  • Start filling the fields as requested in the application form, the application should be of the given specimen in the above link.
  • (Private candidates are required to complete only the sections from 01 to 07 of the application form.)
  • You will have to submit a separate application for each subject that needs to be Re-Corrected.
  • Please double check the details that you have filled.

Making the Payment

  • Pay a fee of Rs 250 for each subject, that is if you are applying for 3 subjects then you are supposed to pay
    Rs 250 x 3 separately and get 3 payment receipts.
  • You are supposed to make the payment to a Post Office/Sub Post Office.
  • Stamps, Cheques, Money Orders or Postal Orders will Not be Accepted.
  •  Take a photocopy of the payment receipt/receipts as soon as you get them, or just take a photograph and keep it safe somewhere. This is just a suggestion we recommend you incase if you lose the payment receipt.
  • Now paste the relevant receipt firmly on the reverse of each application.
  • What is mentioned as (Kuwithaansiya) in the  Sinhala application is the payment receipt.

Getting the Application Verified

  • School candidates should get the verification (Signature and the Official Seal) and should be posted through the Principal.
  • Private Candidates should send their applications directly, verification from authorities are not requested in the application form.

Completing the Form & Submission

  • On the Top Left Corner of the Envelop write as “Re Scrutiny of Results – G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination 2017”, as in the image below.
  • Applications should be sent by Registered Post to Commissioner General of Examinations, Evaluation (School Exams) Branch, National Evaluation and Testing Service, Department of Examinations- Sri Lanka, P.O BOX 1503 , Colombo on or before 15th January 2018.
    • School candidates should post via the Principal.
    • Private candidates should post directly to the given address.
  • The following image shows a sample of how your envelope should look like.
    (Before pasting any stamps or seals from the post office)

This is a sample a completed Envelope

On a special note we again remind you that the Deadline to apply would be : 15.01.2018

N.B. Incomplete applications, applications with incorrect information, those sent after closing date (15.01.2018) or without the prescribed fee will be rejected without any notice.

We at GuruPaara truly wish you Good Luck with your future activities and we would also like to share  that A/L is not always life. It is extremely good that if you have done your exams well. But if you have not got the expected results, try to re do it or move on with alternatives. Exams cannot determine who you are exactly. Try to find what you love and pursue it.

Let’s keep in touch. All the Best !

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