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English Medium Business Studies | G.C.E Advanced Level (Owned By : GuruPaara)

2020 Advanced Level Class Commencing Schedule

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1st of April (Sunday) 2018 from 10.30am to 12.30pm at Sakya Institute Nugegoda.

G.C.E Advanced Level Examination is a wide open door, maybe an interesting opportunity to win the life. Choosing to face it with Business Studies in English Medium is really in favor and may be the best decision you had ever taken.

It’s a common fact, that everyone has that motivation in wanting to win. No matter what argument you might put in, it is the truth as winning is not just an idea but the reason behind the change people bring to the world. If winning is what you want, you might find something useful in here.

Who am I and how does it impact you

To produce tomorrow’s dreams you need to plant the seeds of knowledge and perently nurture their growth. Like the best soil will nourish the seeds you will definitely need a good support to grow. I would like to present me as a support for you to cherish in your future. I am Dilon Anthonys. I’m specialized in teaching G.C.E Advanced Level Business Studies & Accounting in English Medium and is with more than 11 years of experience from nurturing passionate minds like yours. I have produced multiple Top Island Rank winners, including Island 2nd (in 2016) and has helped many students to achieve ‘A’ Grade passes, while coaching more than 1500 students to successfully pass Business Studies, with amazing pass rates over the years.

I’m professionally qualified in the discipline of Management Accountancy (SCMA, SL) and academically; Masters in Business Administration (MBA) UK. I represent as a lecturer for CIMA (UK) and is considered as an expert Student Motivator.

I try my best to  makes sure the classes are always interesting and interactive; by combining the subject knowledge, my unique ability in teaching to relate to students and the global travel experiences I have had.

Dilon Anthonys-GuruPaara-English Medium-Business Studies

English Medium Business Studies | G.C.E Advanced Level | Mr. Dilon Anthonys (Owned By : GuruPaara)

How you could get hold of me

If you are passionate about Business Studies and want to proceed in English Medium for your G.C.E Advanced Level Examination and also if you think that I can be of any help, you can get the details of my class time schedules and institutes I currently visit, by clicking on the link http://gurupaara.lk/Teacher/dilon-anthonys-business-studies

The Best Performers I was lucky enough to encounter

Very often it is found that the students that the teachers try to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring the teachers and I have several fine examples in my teaching career as a English Medium tutor for Business Studies.

Vindula Perera (St. joseph’s College, Colombo ) was the Island’s 2nd  in the year of 2016 with 3 A’s and a Z-Score of 2.5908 and he is just one example among the high-flyers that I have produced.

Why choose the Commerce stream for G.C.E Advanced Level

Commerce as a stream of education can be defined as a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer. The main subjects that are taught in the Commerce stream include Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies.

The commerce stream after completing G.C.E Ordinary Level is quite a popular choice in Sri Lanka and in the world if we consider higher education. The reason behind it is that as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide arena of career options to pursue their dreams, while bringing them both success as well as financial security easily. However, what most students do not realize is that just as is the case with the science stream, a student also needs to have a certain aptitude for commerce to be completely successful in it. In simple terms it is best to choose this field if you have a genuine interest and have an affinity for numbers, the Economy and Business!

What is Business Studies and is it worthy and relevant

The secret of business is to know something that no one else knows, but to find that something you need to know what everyone else knows. In general, Business Studies is a subject that deals with the operation and organization of modern business enterprises. The subject covers each feature of a business firm, such as how a firm will be affected in different business situations. Apart from what it is, what are the direct benefits? Here’s a few

  • Studying Business Studies allows a student to observe and analyze the behavior and tactics of different firms.
  • The subject of Business Studies involves more than just mastering the art of doing business. The subject brings students abreast with the corporate culture and prepares them for their professional life.
  • Business activities are something that affect the daily lives of all people in a society. It also influences creation of employment, incomes, opportunities for personal enterprise, standards of living of all individuals. Studying Business Studies allows a student to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly and indirectly.

Well it is clear! by learning Business Studies you not only face an Examination but you learn to experience the practical day to day situations in the world and their impact to future.

Please stay tuned for more information on the benefits, opportunities and pathways in Business Studies in near future. Finally all the very best for the years ahead, and remember You Must make a Choice to take a Chance, or your life will never Change. There you see, the Choice that you make is the lead to everything that you will experience.


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