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English Medium Economics | G.C.E Advanced Level | Mr. Imran Hasheem (Owned By : GuruPaara)

2020 Advanced Level Class Commencing Schedule

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1st of April (Sunday) 2018 from 1.30pm to 4.00pm at Sakya Institute Nugegoda.

If you are a Advanced Level student who has decided to go with the Commerce stream in English Medium, Economics is one of the required subjects you need to follow. Economics might seem a little strange at first and without having a proper guidance it will remain the same until the end. Now let us put Economics aside for a moment.

G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination is a hurdle, but there is a slight difference. Jumping off a hurdle is enough to move forward, but In Advanced Level just a jump will not do the magic. You need to jump the highest you can, in the best possible method to create magic, to achieve what you want.

The question is, Can you do it alone? Especially when it comes to Economics

It is fair to say you can really achieve it, with a lot of hard work. But why bother when there is so much help around. There is still a bit of work even with having help, but it is not hard. If the problem is from where you can get help, that is why the teachers exist including myself.

Who am I?

I am Imran Hasheem. I’m specialized in teaching G.C.E Advanced Level Economics in English Medium and is with more than 13 years of experience working with delicate young minds like yours. With having amazing pass rates over the years, successfully coaching more than 3000 students to achieve ‘A’ Grades and pass their G.C.E Advanced Level Examination, I was able to produce multiple Island 1st (2010 and 2013 A/1’s) in English Medium Commerce Stream and Top Rank winners by being a driving force for them.

You can get the details of my class time schedules and institutes I currently visit, by clicking on the link http://gurupaara.lk/Teacher/imran-hasheem and for a more detailed article click here.

English Medium-Economics-Advanced Level-Imran Hasheem-GuruPaara

English Medium Economics | G.C.E Advanced Level | Mr. Imran Hasheem (Owned By : GuruPaara)

Reviews from my past pupils

Methsarani Lokuge (Devi Balika Vidyalaya)
3A’s, Z-Score – 2.80 [ Island 1st – 2013 A/L ]
Pursuing Higher Studies in France

“As I was determined to give  my maximum to one of  the most competitive  examination in Sri Lanka, I joined Imran sir’s classes under the recommendation of some of my friends. The first class itself was a memorable experience as it awakened in me a keen interest in Economics which lasted throughout. The thorough explanation of concepts not only prepared us for the exam but equipped us with an in-depth understanding of the subject to tackle any type of question.”

“What strikes me the most about Imran sir as a teacher is his genuine interest in the success of his students. I’m very grateful towards Imran Sir for helping me to reach my goal and it is my hope that more and more students will have the privilege to study under him.”

Shalomi Daniel (Ladies’ College)
3A’s, Z-Score 2.44 [Island 1st – 2010 A/L],
Reading – Law, University of Colombo

“The mock exams, notes, questions and explanations were of immense help. Even after a long day of teaching he would patiently explain all the doubts and questions we loaded him with! It was a truly great learning experience!”

“I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Imran Sir for all the long, hours of hard work and dedication he put in to help us and wish him all the very best for the future!”

Narmadha Rajakanthan (Ladies College)
Z-Score 2.3847 [Colombo District 16th, Island 30th, 2016 A/L]

“Studying Economics with Imran sir gave intellectual pleasure. The difference was that each and every tiny point which was often memorized, was explained logically reasoned out, so it was more a matter of understanding than studying. You truly understand why economics is a social science.”

Hashini Gayanga Wijesekera (Lyceum International School, Ratnapura)
3A’s (Economics, Accounting, English Lit.)
Z-Score 2.3457 [Ratnapura District 1st, Island 7th, 2016 A/L]

“Having attended both theory and revision classes of Imran Sir, I received the best guidance for economics. Through Sir’s elaborative explanations in the theory class and the targeted, concise approach in the revision class, Sir created a solid learning space within the classroom. Sir transformed the complicated concepts into interesting, simple lessons which could be easily understood. The PASS program was very effective in guiding us through the studying process. What Sir teaches applies for more than the 2 years of study with him. Thank you sir!”


Mohamed Basith Yakoob (Royal College)
3A’s (Accounting, Economics, Business Studies), 2016 A/L
College Senior Prefect, Member College Water Polo Team

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Mind-ventures. Especially Imran sir has given a lot of   advice and guidance of how to face this exam readily. He also kept on motivating us and taught us how to manage academics at school along with our co-curricular and curricular activities. The PASS Program was a key to my success it worked greatly to divide my work load appropriately.”

Roshana Perera (Wesley College)
3A’s (Accounting, Economics, Business Studies)
Z-Score 2. 1356 [Colombo District 44th, Island 91st, 2016 A/L

“As a student who learned economics (theory & revision) under Imran sir for almost two and a half years it gives me great pleasure to give a small message to all the upcoming batches. If you are about to select a support class for economics I would say Imran sir is the ideal economics teacher. The vast economics syllabus will be covered comprehensively from the theory programme. The revision programme including unit based mock examinations and the PASS study log will be of immense importance to recap the entire syllabus in the last few months. Thank you sir for being the best economics teacher and for all your advices throughout the past few years!”

Sarani jayawardena (Ladies’ College)
3A’s, Z-Score 2.30 [Colombo 9th]
Reading – Government at Harvard University, USA

“I followed Mr. Hasheem’s Economics revision course through Mind-ventures. We covered each unit in depth, and were given clear, professional notes that really helped I us get a grip of the vast Econ syllabus. I still use some of the methods he taught us while at my economics courses at college!”

“I am very grateful to Mr. Hasheem for the time and effort he put into making the lectures effective, enjoyable and relevant to the real world!”

Vishakan Sarveswaran (Hindu College)
3A’s, Z-Score 2.04 [2015 A/L],
Presently Reading – CIMA, UK

“Economics under Mr. Imran sir has been so interesting for me and it has gone to the extent of pursuing me to attend both theory and revision classes very regularly. The way he spent more time in laying the foundation and then picking up the speed was of great help both in terms of comprehensive understanding and proper syllabus coverage.”

“The effort that he had put in during the latter stage of the course, especially through the PASS programme was very helpful. I am obliged to thank Mr. Imran sir for being the backbone of my achievement.”

Shehan Kuruppu (Ananda College)
3A’s, [Top 20 Island Ranks 2011]
Reading – BSc. (Accountancy), US

“Being a part of Mind-ventures Educational Services has been a key milestone in my life. I am extremely grateful to Imran Sir and Dilon Sir for their persistent, commitment and guidance during the 2 years. Clear explanations backed with comprehensive notes leave a student with less work to do. Furthermore the knowledge they share outside the syllabus, gives a student a broader knowledge than the syllabus can offer. it is with absolute confidence that I recommend any student to be a part of Mind-venture Educational Services.”

Malsha Gunawardena (Musaeus College)
3A’s, Z-Score 2.05 [2015 A/L]
Presently Reading – CIMA, UK

“Studying Economics under Imran sir has been one of my best decisions ever. His teaching has inspired and motivated me to achieve not only good results but also life-long skills in learning and progression. I honestly appreciate his passion for teaching Which can make students truly passionate about learning. Thank You Sir for all the support which made Economics easy to me as it could be.”

Malindu Udawatta (Royal College)
3A’s, Z-Score 2.53 [Colombo 10th – 2013 A/L]
Reading – BSc (USI), CIMA (UK)

“If you want to learn and understand economics and not just “learn” economics, Imran Sir is your best option. I can proudly say I have never seen a teacher more dedicated and hardworking than Imran sir. It has been an absolute pleasure studying under him.”

Devin Sibera (Royal College)
2A’s , B [B.S.], [Member – 2015/ 16 Royal College Rugby Team]
Presently Reading – CIMA, UK

“The revision program done by Imran sir is very comprehensive and is very effective. It was very useful for me to achieve an ‘A’ pass for economics from a short period of 5 months. The Study-log [PASS Program], IS indeed a great way to ravens the whole Economics syllabus and i very much appreciate the time and effort Imran sir puts into teaching us.”

Mishma Stefni Nixon (Holy Family Convent)
Z-Score 2.1101 [ District 14th, Island 56th ]

“As a student who has completely depended on the theory and revision classes for economics. I am only full of praises. Every Explanation, Exam, Practice and overall Teaching has been so valuable to me and I want to Thank Imran Sir from the bottom of my heart for being an Excellent Teacher and a supporting person who has never failed or hesitated to stay back and explain and clarify doubts. Thank You So Much.”

Abirshana Nithiyanantharajah (Holy Family Convent)
Z-Score 2.09999 [District 54th, Island 153rd]

“Thank you so much for all the guidance and support given throughout these 2 ½ years. Thank you for the explanations given, the mock exams and overall theory and revision programmes.”

Arshad Sufi Ismail (S. Thomas’ College)
Z-Score 2.2109 [District 18th, Island  49th]

“It has been a great journey throughout and I’m glad that I was able to attend all the support classes from the very first day. Imran Sir & Dilon Sir have been exceptional in their teaching but it wasn’t just about the knowledge. The most important benefit came from their interaction and individual feedback, this highly motivated me to carry on and achieve what I have achieved. You taught us to be persistent and chase our dream and achieve the best without compromising on small issues. Teachers like the both of you will always be remembered in our hearts with gratitude and great respect. Thank you Sir”

Dulanja Nipun Gamanayake (St. Thomas College)
Z-Score 2.11 [District 47th, Island 137th]

“Mind-ventures staff was very friendly & very supportive, and the way sir taught the lessons very extremely simple which was easily understandable by the students.Thank You ! So much Imran Sir”

Matara Arachchige Ruvindya Kaushani (Musaeus College)
Z-Score 2.17 [District 25th, Island 79th]

“I got a solid background and good confidence to attempt my Advanced Level Economics paper without any hesitation through attending Imran sir’s both theory and revision classes. The way sir took us through the lessons, explaining the root course for each of the points he stated, in an understandable manner and also the practice questions he did in the classes immensely helped me in getting a good grade for A/Ls. So i’m really thankful to Imran sir for all the guidance he gave us throughout.”

Mohamed Ali Fathima Afra (Muslim Ladies College)
Z-Score 2.0905 [District 57th, Island 165th]

“Attending Imran Sir’s classes for theory and revision was an unforgettable experience of learning economics during my Advanced Level journey. Sir transformed complicated economic syllabus into simple lessons and always made sure that his notes are extremely comprehensive and updated. The PASS program along with the Mock exams were very effective in guiding us. Thank you sir for being the best economics teacher and for nurturing us with your values and advices throughout our Advanced Level journey.”

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