Chemistry English Medium 2018 A/L Seminars | By Deepika Nethsinghe

Seminar Schedule for 2018 A/L – Chemistry English Medium

<Chemistry seminar dates are yet to be announced>

My time tables are available on:

About Me |  Deepika Nethsinghe

I graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura with a BSc. Special Degree in Chemistry. For 16 years , I have been teaching Chemistry to all sorts of students under different revisions of the G.C.E A/L Chemistry Syllabus.  I have been in the paper marking panel of G.C.E. Advanced Level Chemistry for around 10 years.

In a snapshot :

  • 16+ Years of Teaching Experience in Chemistry at a Leading Private School in Colombo.
  • 10 + Years of Experience in Paper marking panel of G.C.E. Advanced Level Chemistry.
  • Contributor to the Writers of the G.C.E. Advanced Level Chemistry New Syllabus.

Chemistry may not be that complicated to understand. But unless you have a knowledge on how to be tactful and properly arrange your knowledge to an answer, you may not receive the results you deserve. As a member of the Board of Writers in the G.C.E. Advanced Level Chemistry New Syllabus, I know what is expected out of an A/L student, and what sort of capabilities they should develop within the two years of A/Ls. So in addition to the subject matter, I guide my students on how to be tactful and score more points at the examination.

Many years of teaching have bestowed me with the instinct that each student is different from the way they grasp knowledge and the speed with which they process. I make effective use of both audio and visual media and on-spot assessments to make them clarify and practice the theories learnt.

I cover the syllabus 6 months prior to the examination in my tutoring classes and continue a revision, because practice makes perfect. As I need to give individual attention to each student I teach, I take in a limited number of students for my tutoring classes.

Unit-wise Chemistry Seminar Series

I also conduct a unit-wise Chemistry Seminar series, in which the content of the unit under focus will be fully covered.  You will be given a paper with model questions targeted on possible areas to be questioned in the coming years which will also be discussed on the same day.

Why Seminars?

Each seminar will be a good way for you to revise what you have learnt and to note down in detail what points are required to be remembered or further practiced. I will be guiding you throughout the day, to grasp the expected learning outcomes of the unit. You will also be able to clarify any doubts you have by raising questions.

When discussing the model questions, you will get a good idea on how your papers are marked and what points you should be careful to mention so as not to lose any marks unnecessarily.

My time tables are available on:

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