GuruPaara Live Sessions | G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) 2018


Hey there, how’s it going? Is the last moment Advanced Level pressure creeping up on you? Have your tutors and teachers not covered the last couple of lessons in the syllabi yet? Do you feel like you want a helping hand with those sections? Fear not, because we at GuruPaara won’t abandon you in times of trouble because we too, have been there.

Those of you who’ve been in touch with us since last year know what “Live Sessions” means. It’s basically a webinar series which provides you with that much needed punch of last moment theory. Last year, our Live Sessions (the links to last year’s session is given below, Follow along the links to view the rest of our Live Sessions video) helped you with the daunting chapter of electronics.

  1. Electronics theory cover up
  2. On amps
  3. Logic gates
  4. Targeted essay question
  5. Past paper discussion

And this year, due to the myriad of requests we’ve received over the past couple of weeks, we’ve decided to conduct Live Sessions for three other areas, including electronics. The scheduled Live Sessions for this month (April) are for Matter and Radiation. The dates of the sessions are 16th, 18th, and every day from 20th to 22nd of April. The Live Sessions for Magnetism will be held in May and the much awaited for Live Sessions of Electronics will be held in June. Keep in touch with us to know the dates of the future sessions.

This year too, the Live Sessions will be conducted by our dear (and knowledgeable) friend, Mr. Channa Hatharasinghe. Channa is now in his third year of his studies at university of Sri Jayewardenepura, and he’s specializing in physics, so you’re in safe hands. This year, by popular demand, we’ve decided to conduct the sessions in Sinhala as well as English mediums.

There will be a small adjustment in the way the content is going to be delivered to you this year. Last year, as it’s evident by the link we’ve provided, we conducted these sessions on Facebook live. But this year, we’re planning to deliver our Live Sessions to you from our website itself. You will have to sign up (which will be free, obviously) on our website and log-in through it to join our Live Sessions. This is a work in progress at the moment and we’ll let you know the details of the logging in procedure the moment we unveil it, so keep in touch with us.

You don’t have to prepare for the aforementioned chapters (Matter and Radiation, Magnetism and Electronics) in advance because we’ll be starting from scratch. Which means that we’re going to teach you the theories first, then do some practice questions to build your confidence on the subject matter, proceed to past paper questions and finally, finish off with targeted questions. All you have to do is just grab a pen and a piece of paper and join us on our Live Sessions. Keep in touch with us, and let us guide you in these last couple of months. Best of luck! Till we meet again.

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