Steps to Start A/Ls

A step by step process on how you could start your A/Ls

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    Step #1
    Forget your O/Ls
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    Step #2
    How to select your A/L Stream
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    Step #3
    How to select the right Medium
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    Step #4
    How to Find A/L Teachers
  • Work for 3A's

Step #1
Forget your O/Ls

By Shamil Akbar & Dinuki Meegoda from University of Kelaniya

Why you should forget your O/Ls

You may have got high marks for most of the subjects during your O/L’s, but it won’t assure that you’ll be getting the same results in you’re A/L’s too. Also if you couldn’t do so well in your O/L’s, it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve high in you’re A/L’s.

Even you are the last in the Class

All the subjects in Advanced Levels follows the bottom to top approach, so you can start from the basics and gradually go into more deeper concepts. But be prepared for a big jump in the level of difficulty when you transition from O/L to A/L.

image of the bottom to top approach

Can I do extra activities ?

A/L’s will obviously acquire your whole time table for self-studying, problem solving and private tutoring. But try not to give up on your extra-curricular, sports and aesthetics. Manage your time to balance your mind.

We have attached a separate article on How to balance your Time if you are more interested in this.

It is a new Journey

So forget you’re O/L’s, take A/L’s as your second chance. Set your aim for 3 A’s, make a plan and start working for it. Most importantly, don’t lose hope, because life is a journey of ups and downs. We wish you best of luck!

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Step #2
How to select your A/L Stream

By Adhisha Gammanpila from University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”.
- Steve Jobs

Probably you will do your G.C.E Advanced Level examination in 2020, then spend few years in the University and finally graduate somewhere around 2025 or 2030. By that time almost a decade may have been passed.

The world you step out into, would be a lot different place from what it is now. You may already have set several career goals by now, but throughout history, jobs have disappeared and new jobs have taken their place. The future holds as yet unheard of job roles within IT, alternative energy and global commerce.
It is worth knowing which jobs are likely to be growth areas as employment in these jobs could make your career progression much easier in future and also provide you with greater job security. So it is vital to pick your stream bearing in mind that the future isn’t what it is used to be.

image of the academic timeline

What does future holds for those who study Science?

Field of Medicine

  • With advances in genetics there will be a need for more clinical cytogeneticists and genetic counsellors.
  • Biomedical engineers will produce new types of artificial prosthetics and organs and stem cell researchers will be able to grow an increasing range of body parts. There will also be a demand for doctors trained in the transplant of artificial organs and prosthetic designers using modern materials such as carbon fiber and titanium: fusing machinery with biological mechanisms to help people with various disorders.
  • More dieticians, nutritionists and food scientists may be required as diet changes with more genetically modified food which is needed to feed the growing world population.
    • Nanotechnologists develop and use novel Nano-materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes which have the potential to revolutionize fields such as drug delivery, high power batteries, solar cells and computers.


• With the shortage of certain rare earth elements on Earth such as Neodymium, which are crucial to industries such as wind turbines, industrial magnets, aero engines, optics and visual displays we may in future need to use space miners to retrieve these from the moon or asteroids

• If we develop colonies on the moon and Mars Exobiologists will be required to develop food plants that can cope with extremes of radiation, heat, cold and saline water for the colonists. Space clinicians specializing in the effects of radiation and muscle wasting due to low or non-existent gravity will also be needed.

• Space junk recyclers will be needed to identify the orbital locations where space junk is greatest and to develop cost effective methods to remove it from orbit.

Computing and the Web

• Cloud computing professionals, IT Security Consultants, Digital Marketing Specialists will be in high demand.

• 3D designers are needed for games and films as are special effects designers and architectural visualizers to build virtual buildings. Digital imaging specialists are also increasing.

• Network engineers including fiber optic technicians are in demand to increase the speed of networks.

Energy and the Environment

• As natural resources run out we will need to move to more sustainable life styles with better recycling and waste management leading to jobs as sustainability consultants. Hydrologists and geologists may be required in larger numbers to investigate new water supplies as water supplies become scarcer.

• Since such a large amount of CO2 emissions are coming from cars, there will be more demand for alternative vehicle developers who are able to come up with more environmentally friendly types of vehicle. Technology dump collectors will be needed to allow us to recycle obsolete technology.

What does future holds for those who study Arts?


• There will be increased opportunities for on-line publishing with the proliferation of e-books. Journalism is moving increasingly on-line too and multi-format journalists who can work in print, radio and TV and also on the web are necessary.

• Book digitizers will be in high demand to convert texts into e-book format to be read on handheld devices. This is extending into academic institutions as well with textbooks becoming digitized.

Social networks

• Social network organizers and developers are beginning to appear. It is becoming increasingly important for individuals and companies to invest in on-line image improvers to improve their Facebook image.

What does future holds for those who study Commerce?

• Reducing financial costs will become more and more important. Financial technologists trained to analyze financial trading can help investors reduce risks and costs.

• The future financial market is unknown and changes very fast, so more people will be needed who know how to use numerical or quantitative techniques to analyze the market. These are called quants and are very highly paid as they can produce huge profits!</p

“The future is not what it is used to be”, so foresee the future and set your targets high. We wish you best of luck!

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Step #3
How to select the right Medium

By Shamil Akbar from University of Kelaniya

Choosing the right medium to pursue your A/L’s is a crucial factor that will determine your success in the most competitive exam you’ll be ever be facing in your life.

It’s best to face you’re A/L’s in an environment that you’re most comfortable with. If you’ve been pursuing you’re A/L’s in Sinhalese/English medium, then you are at an advantage if you continue to follow your studies in the same medium.

But we at GuruPaara suggest you to keep a few points in mind before doing so.

• Choose a language in which you’re most familiar with understanding problems and writing answers.

Factor Sinhala Medium English Medium
Availability of Classes Availability is very high Major classes are less in number
Reference Books Books which are directly related to A/Ls are highly available Availability of books are high but not directly related to A/Ls. But for further reading highly valuable
Online Reference Resources are very Rare Resources are very High
University & Career In the long run Sinhala Medium is not used as a Global standard After A/Ls, that is both in University and Career mostly English medium is used.

Choose a language that you are comfortable to handle so as not to make it a barrier in achieving your target of 3 A’s. So make wise choices. We wish you good luck!

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Step #4
How to Find A/L Teachers

By Dinuki Meegoda from University of Kelaniya

Life is a journey with ups and downs, but with the right support and guidance, you will always reach your target. Facing you’re Advanced Levels successfully to get 3 A’s is the next big challenge in your life. After making so many crucial decisions to select a subject stream of your choice and a medium pursue it with, we know that you are fed up and even a bit worried, whether you’ll make the right decision when choosing your teachers who can support and guide you to reach your aim.

You are not in your own. GuruPaara provides you unbiased options in selecting the best teachers of your choice. We provide information specifically about individual, group, master classes and time tables of the best private tutors in the country.

Visit, the Google of A/L classes, to choose your teachers with confidence. Good Luck!